Sunday, September 6, 2015

Celebrating Life

Earlier this week I thoroughly enjoyed several hours with five dear friends.  My friend organized us to celebrate her being cancer free after a difficult road of surgery and chemo.  She invited us to go wine tasting in our own Whidbey Island backyard.  She hired a driver.  We began at Greenbank Cafe enjoying lunch in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Tummies full, we piled into the van, driven by Mike, and went to Holmes Harbor Winery.  Sipping in the sun, we chatted, enjoyed the view and toasted to health.

Then it was onward to Bloom's Tasting Room, After enjoying the delightful Bloom's wine we had an educational tour of Whidbey Distillery and some yummy samples of their liqueurs and rye whiskey.  Next onto to Spoiled Dog Winery.  As the afternoon rolled on we became progressively louder and more amused by ourselves.

Our final stop was Whidbey Island Winery for a bottle of their delightful Rosato Rose.  Sitting outside we sipped Rose and shared marionberry pie from Greenbank Cafe accompanied by peanut butter (who knew peanut butter would go with pie?)

I dropped some bucks at the wineries, returning home with 4 bottles of deliciousness, some of which I managed to share with my husband and step-daughter that same night.

I sketched one of my purchases.
Here's to good health, good friends and the good life.

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