Saturday, February 7, 2015

Internet Frustrations

There are times when the internet frustrates me beyond belief.  I have a laptop, on which I am composing this blog.  I also have an iPad.  For the past 1/2 hour I've been trying to book flights to Sacramento for my annual trip to MARS.  Apparently, something is slowing down the interweb so that I cannot access the airline flight reservation page.  Either that, or something else is going on.  As I write this, I've fixed the internet.  Router just needed a reboot.

So, I'll just use this time to post a couple of sketches I've done.  Flowers.  The hellebore grows in my garden and is the only thing blooming this time of year.  Well, it and a viburnum bush that has tiny nondescript flowers.  This is my third sketch of the hellebore.  The first was done from a distance, the second in a vase, and this one when I took it out of the vase, cut off the end, and laid the flower on the table.

Then this morning, after exercising I stopped at the grocery store where a vast array of primroses was available for sale.  I purchased a blue one, brought it home and proceeded to sketch using walnut ink.  I LIKE walnut ink.

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