Friday, February 20, 2015

Sketching my life away

I received a post card today from a woman named Honi C in New York.  She sent it to me as a result of seeing my name on the MMSA (Mail Me Some Art) listing.  This is an online board for exchanging mail art.  She unofficially welcomed me to the group of artists - not knowing, I guess, that I've been participating in their exchanges for well over a year.  I did, however, only sign up for the mail exchange this year.

No matter.  Her card gave me a reason to use a piece of watercolor paper I'd plopped my coffee filter on yesterday to create some stains.  I'll mail it to her tomorrow.

What a fun coffee break this was.

It lead to more sketching, in my sketchbook using walnut ink.

And, of course, I needed to use up the other piece of stained paper for another postcard.  Just getting ready for National Letter Writing Month in April.

I took the filter I'd used to make my afternoon cup of coffee and pressed it onto my sketchbook.  Once it dried, I tried my hand at just painting with no preliminary sketching.

Keeping the paper staining process going, I took a bag from a cup of green tea and placed it on a piece of watercolor paper.  The result was far lighter, not much stain at all.  

After dinner I had fun trying out some new indigo drawing ink on the green tea stain.

Ok, so I may not of sketched my life away - but I certainly did sketch most of the afternoon.

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  1. Hi Claudia, Thought I'd better check out your blog! I love the watercolor background and your work with walnut ink, tea stains and coffee. Beverage art? So glad you are now available for informal art exchanges on MMSA. I will be in touch. Happy Art-int! Honi